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The Swedish Pilot A tests started in a bird farm
Thursday, 14 August 2014 12:57

Pilot A has been transferred to Hagby bird farm outside Enköping in Sweden to be tested there until early October.




The Pilot A testing crew of Swedish tests outside Pilot A just before starting the first run. Couple of persons are missing from the picture.

Output from testing period in Poland and Introductory seminar in Wroclaw
Thursday, 10 July 2014 12:27

Introductory Seminar was held in Wroclaw on 2.7.2014. There were also presented results from the two-month testing period of Pilot A.

The production of 2,3-butanediol and some other organic compounds were at high levels. This was remarkable achievement by the Polish-Finnish co-operation. In fact, Finnoflag biorefinery method has now been producing successful yields both in Finland and now in Poland by the Polish group led by Assistant Professor Emilia den Boer from Wroclaw University of Technology.

The director of the testing site ZGO Gac Ltd Andrzej Sobolak gave fine presentation on the construction of their new waste treatment plant.

Moreover, Professor Ryszard Szpadt from Wroclaw University of Technology gave lecture describing the potential biomasses in the Lower Silesia region which turned out to contain huge potentials of bioenergy production.

The 2,3-butanediol Downstream processes have been studied in co-operation with Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (Eng. Tim Freidank and Professor Thorsten Ahrens).

Researcher Tuomas Huopana from University of Eastern Finland was characterizing the joint uses of biomass sources in biochemical and biogas production.

Adjunct Professor Elias Hakalehto introduced potential applications of Finnoflag technology of various fields, including microbiological purification of brown coal for environmental friendly combustion.

All news with respect  to ABOWE tests and potential future applications have produced very potential indications.


Newsletters around Pilot A and Pilot B
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 16:01

ABOWE proceedings with the two pilot plants have been summarized in the latest Newsletters. You can download Pilot A Newsletter from here and Pilot B Newsletter from here.



ABOWE won the Finnish KÄRKI (SPEARHEAD) competition
Thursday, 15 May 2014 09:40

ABOWE project was chosen as the winner among the projects of all Finnish universities of applied sciences in the series Soveltava tutkimustieto ja innovaatiot (Applied Research Knowledge and Innovations) in the national KÄRKI 2014 (SPEARHEAD) competition.

The Award was announced on Tuesday 13.5.2014 at Sibelius House in Lahti as part of the Evening Gala of national Universities of Applied Sciences Days.

Project Manager Ari Jääskeläinen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences received the Award on behalf of the ABOWE and read greetings from Adjunct Professor Elias Hakalehto from Finnoflag Oy who was in Japan to participate Biotech Japan 2014 Conference.

Thanks from Mr. Jääskeläinen can be read in English here and in Finnish here.

Greetings from Adjunct Professor Hakalehto can be read in English here and in Finnish here.




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